Easily track employees onsite work, track leads or just general "blogging" for your clients!
Save time by not having to call work for an address, history on a client or contact info!
For techs, landscapers, property management, plumbers - OnsiteTag is a perfect fit.
Please let us know how you have used OnsiteTag! (comic book collecting?)

Step 1: Create a company account (set tax%)
Step 2: Add employees (choose color of tags for each employee)
Step 3: Import your Quickbooks or .CSV client list
Step 4: Enjoy

Watch this quick walk-through video:

Screen shot:

What is this image showing?
* Live drop down search for clients or company names
* Latest 5 tags made by employees (live updated)
* Audio speaker for billable tags and normal tags coming in (you can mute)
* The star shows '1' tag that needs to be invoiced (for the secretary to use)
* TagBoard for administration

Click on the star - you will see the billable tags. Simply check them off.

Quickly find a client, see tags, add a tag - billable or not, draft or post. Simple.

Common Questions
* Browsers supported: Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome
* Export feature is for client data, not tags
* Your email address and password are used to login
* As the original creator of the company, using "delete account" will delete everything.
* "Browser needs a plug-in": For tag sounds. Not 'needed', install VLC and your good.
* Deleting an employee will not delete their tags
* I can reset the password of company owner and email it to the original email address
* Admin Employee gets: Import/Export Clients | Add Employee | List Employees

Iphone and Android mobile version is now done!
If you go to the main URL, it will direct you to the simple mobile version now.

Coming soon

About me:
I built OnsiteTag out of need for our techs in the field. They love it. Nothing like this exists, if there is something close it was always so complicated that they expect you to "manage an application" instead of focusing on actual work and revenue. We have been using it since Jan 09. OnsiteTag is free to anyone who wants to use it. It works like you think it should. We want to keep making little changes and fixes, however I will always keep it very simple. You should not be managing your application, you should be working! Your inventory management should be handled by quickbooks or similar. What I do is make boiler plate tags and put them as drafts so I can copy/paste notes. I keep track of my hours and sales in an xls. Use google docs for instance. I may add google docs, gcal and gmail live links so this is easier. Basically you should not have to rely on 'a pc' to admin your work - work in the cloud. This is written in Ajax, php, css, mysql. IE may never be supported - you should be using a real web browser so don't ask.